Legazpi City is the gateway to southern Bicol region. About 10 hours from Manila by bus (1 hour by plane), it serves as an excellent base for exploring Albay province, as well as the neighboring provinces of Sorsogon and Camarines Sur. The most famous attraction is the majestic Mayon volcano, which on clear days can be seen from anywhere in the city (including our rooftop terrace). But there is much, much more to the region.

In addition to climbing or riding up the Mayon, you can swim with whale sharks in nearby Donsol, admire centuries-old colonial architecture, or kick back on gorgeous tropical beaches with golden, white, or black sands. You can experience massive limestone caves, or go off the beaten path and explore some less touristed (and more difficult) caves. And don’t forget the food! Traditional Bicolano cuisine is some of the most delicious in the Philippines, characterized by the use of coconut milk and spicy chilis in many dishes. In short, there’s plenty to do—enough to satisfy even the most active adventurers.

Mayon Backpackers Hostel is centrally located in Legazpi City—a short walk to the city center, minutes from the airport and bus terminal, and within striking distance of all the major tourist attractions in the area. When taking a taxi or tricycle, it’s usually a good idea to agree on a price beforehand.

To get here, take a taxi, tricycle or jeepney to Albay Cathedral. From there, you can walk (5 mins) or catch a padyak and ask them to take you to Mayon Backpackers Hostel. We are located in Barangay Maoyod (Brgy. 11) at the end of Diego Silang St.

Taxis charge a flat rate of 40 pesos plus a meter charge depending on distance.  A jeepney ride will cost between 10 and 30 pesos per person.  A tricycle from the airport or bus terminal should cost around 50 pesos (take a green or yellow one).  With all transportation, it’s usually a good idea to ask the price beforehand, because some drivers can be dishonest.  Also, taxi drivers may try to take you to another hotel, claiming that we’re full, or that they can’t find the hostel (because they are paid by the other hotels to bring guests).  If this happens to you, give them clear instructions–“in barangay Maoyod, it’s at the end of Diego Silang St.”  If they still refuse to take you here, take down their name and license number so we can file a complaint.

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